Pierce Brosnan Pleads Not Guilty To Trespassing Charges


Irish actor Pierce Brosnan has pleaded not guilty to two charges of walking out of bounds in a restricted area of Yellowstone National Park in the US.

Last November, the former 007 star allegedly hiked on an off-limits area near Mammoth Hot Springs, which would be in violation of several closures in the northern part of Yellowstone near the Wyoming-Montana border.

Going out of bounds could be dangerous with water at or near the boiling point. There are strict rules in place regarding trespassing, and should the actor be found guilty, he may be jailed, fined or banned.

Brosnan Pleads Not Guilty 

Earlier this month, Karl Knuchel Pierce Brosnan’s lawyer, submitted court documents to the US District Court of Wyoming, with two not guilty pleas to both trespassing charges made against his client.

Reports have also said that a US magistrate judge approved a request from Mr Knuchel, calling for the scheduled hearing on 23 January to be cancelled, and replaced with a status conference.

This status conference is a court-ordered meeting between the prosecutors and defence lawyers, to discuss the status of the case.

The conference also facilitates the exchange of information, and negotiates a possible resolution.

This status conference is to take place on February 20, according to reports.

Pierce Brosnan is perhaps best known for his role as 007 agent James Bond between 1995 and 2002, before being replaced by Daniel Craig.

Brosnan has also starred in films Mrs Doubtfire, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Mamma Mia!, as well as TV series Remington Steele in the 1980s.