Pink Floyd Unveil New Plaque At University Where they Formed 50 Years Ago


Legendary rock band Pink Floyd have unveiled a new plaque on the site of where they formed over 50 years ago. Roger Waters and Nick Mason who are the original founding members , unveiled the plaque yesterday at the University of Westminster ( previously the London Polytechnic).

Mason spoke to NBC news at the unveiling and revealed that it took them a while to find their feet as a band “Put it like this: if we’d gone up for Britain’s Got Talent, I don’t think we would have made it past the audition stage.” Mason added: “We weren’t terribly good,” to which Waters replied: “We were effing awful.”

The band formed in 1965 at London Polytechnic and went under the name Sigma 6. The original line-up also included keyboard player Richard Weight who joined the group shortly after. David Gilmour didn’t attend the event because he wasn’t a founding member, he later joined in 1967.

The remaining members of Pink Floyd released an album late last year called The Endless River, which beat Sonic Highways to the number one album spot, their first since 1995. On the topic of reunion with the band, Waters had this to say “A reunion is out of the question… Life after all gets shorter and shorter the closer you get to the end of it and time becomes more and more precious and in my view should be entirely devoted to doing the things you want to do. One can’t look backwards.”

Photo Credit: Daria Slonova