Reckless Thug Vandalises Poolbeg Lighthouse With Racist Graffiti


Visitors to Poolbeg lighthouse were left disgusted after a reckless thug sprayed racist graffiti on the revered landmark.

The walls of one of Dublin’s most iconic and much-loved places to walk to were left ruined by a racist fool.

Dublin Live reports that the hooligan spray painted the racist words “no blacks” onto the walls of the iconic Lighthouse located on the Great South Wall.

The lighthouse is a sanctuary for people to come to when they need to clear their head and get some fresh sea air. This thoughtless act of vandalism had left some clearly upset.

After first getting in touch with Dublin City Council, Green Party Councillor Hazel Chu decided she’d take things into her own hands and sort it herself as “it’s a family walk area”.

“Got contacted by peeps on Twitter and via mail to ask the council to remove. I’ve contacted them but since it’s a family walk area I went down today to do what I can. Couldn’t reach the top though!”