Rock Pioneer Lou Reed dead at 71


Lou-Reed-608x732It’s more of a poignant day than a perfect one today, as highly influential singer, guitarist and songwriter, and reknowned musical legend Lou Reed died today in New York – according to reports originating from Rolling Stone magazine.

Reed was known for his work with the Velvet Underground, as well as his solo career.

He formed the Velvet Underground in 1964 with John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker and they worked with artist Andy Warhol in what has been noted as one of the most iconic and important collaborations in contemporary culture.

In 1972, Reed went solo, released the album ‘Transformer’ – which included the well known songs and Nova favourites “Perfect Day”, “Walk on the Wild Side” and “Satellite of Love”. It was around this time that he gained a cult following.

Nova’s Pat James is paying tribute to Reed in his “In Conversation” show tonight, Sunday October 27th.

The cause of Reed’s death is unknown this evening but it may be related to a liver transplant which he underwent in May of this year.

Lou Reed was 71 years of age.

May he rest in peace.