Borrell + Rock + Roll = Asshole?


Johnny Borrell has said he is “sure there were times when [he] was obnoxious” during his career with Razorlight.

The singer, who is soon to release his first solo album, ‘Borrell 1’, has long faced criticism for his high opinion of his own talent.

, Borrell + Rock + Roll = Asshole?Speaking about the period of time around Razorlight’s self-titled 2006 album, Borrell told The Telegraph: “It just went boom. And suddenly we’re on a world tour for two-and-a-half years. And you come back and you’re the high street Everything you’ve spent your whole life working against, you are it.” He added: “I guess I was constantly attempting to be what I thought I should be doing in that scenario. To be fair, I’m sure there were times when I was obnoxious. But that’s rock’n’roll, you know?”

Borrell’s debut solo album is released on July 22.