Semisonic Share First New Song In 20 Years


Minneapolis rockers Semisonic has released a new video for “You’re Not Alone”, the title track of their reunion EP after twenty years, due for release into the wild on the 18th of September.

“For the new Semisonic video, ‘You’re Not Alone,’ we began with memories of childhood in the woods,” frontman and songwriter Dan Wilson said in a statement. “Filmmaker Phil Harder creates a fable of the woods, the city, a distant beach, and a young boy who places a message in a bottle and sends it on a long journey.”

He also added that the video is also partly inspired by “profound isolation” that the global pandemic has brought everyone. “…the video reflects the hopeful message of the song,” Wilson said.

“I think these songs have a really important and relevant story to tell,” says bassist John Munson said in a statement. “They embody this spirit of optimism about the possibility we can offer each other in times of hardship and struggle. I’ve always believed that a Semisonic song is one that gives you hope, one that sends you out into the night happy, one that leaves you feeling more connected to whatever it is that makes you human, and that’s something we need now more than ever.”

Semisonic’s biggest hit was Closing time from 1998 and although they reunited in 2017 for a handful of shows, their last batch of new music dates all the way back to 2001’s All About Chemistry.

However front man Dan Wilson has become one of the most successful songwriters of the 21st century. For example, he wrote ‘Someone Like You’ for Adele.

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