Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll.. The Ronnie Wood Way


Like tales of excess?

Well, it’s no secret that Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has lived a true life of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. But the true extent of his boldness is now being revealed in a new tell-all memoir by his ex-wife, Jo Wood.

‘Hey Jo,’ which is being published tomorrow Feb 28th, Wood goes into great detail about her former husband’s cocaine use, alcoholism and infidelity. She claims the couple had a lab set up in their Hollywood home, “complete with flasks, test tubes, glass plates and rubber tubing,” and their house became, as she puts it, “Freebase Central for much of celebrity L.A.”

Freebasing wasn’t Wood’s only method of taking cocaine. Last year, his longtime buddy and formerFaces bandmate Rod Stewart revealed in his autobiography that the two used to take coke anally.

Jo stopped freebasing in early-1981, with Ronnie quitting a few years later. His drinking continued, however, and she describes how many times she caught him spending time with other women, only to be told that she was merely a “drinking buddy.”

But despite all their problems, she stayed with him because of the music. “I became so caught up in Ronnie’s illness that at times I felt like I was drowning in his alcoholism,” she writes. “It had reduced me to an insecure wreck. But the instant he got up on stage all was forgiven. It still gave me goose bumps. He was my guitar hero. Sometimes I’d stand in front of the stage, look up at him and think: ‘I’m married to a creative genius, there’s no doubt about it.’ In those moments I was so proud to be his wife that it seemed worth putting up with a bit of swearing.”

Ronnie most recently went to rehab in 2010, and he says he has been clean and sober ever since.

The couple divorced in 2009 after having first met in 1977.

Last December, the 65-year old rock star married theater producer Sally Humphreys, who is 31 years younger than he is.