Stones Roll Back To Hyde Park London


Mick Jagger has said The Rolling Stones’ gig in Hyde Park, London this weekend will be “no exercise in nostalgia”.

, Stones Roll Back To Hyde Park LondonThe band last played the central London park in 1969 shortly after the death of their bandmate Brian Jones.

Jagger famously wore white and read from Shelley’s poem Adonaïs, and hundreds of white butterflies were released in Jones’ memory.

“This is no exercise in nostalgia,” he told the London’s Evening Standard newspaper of this weekend’s performance. “This is a big gig. It’s in Hyde Park and yes, we played here before. In 1969 it was a big occasion. But this will have its own moments. It won’t be a reflection of other moments.”

He added: “I’m sure it’ll evoke lots of memories. I remember the day, but you’re not sure whether what you remember is the film or what you really remember.”

Speaking of the new stage, he added: “It doesn’t look anything like it did. This is a huge set.”

Check out Mick’s butterfly farm from 1969 here: