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Courtney Love Blew €20 Million

If you're a die hard Kurt Cobain fan, you probably won't enjoy hearing about how his widow squandered upwards of €20 million...

Note found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet after committing suicide released...

Note found in Kurt Cobain's wallet after committing suicide released by Seattle police

Courtney Love reunites with “Hole”

Courtney Love and "Hole" to reunite

Kurt Cobain musical

Courtney Love plans to stage Kurt Cobain Musical.

Has Courtney Love located the missing Malaysian Airlines plane?

The ex partner of Kurt Cobain has added her two cents into the missing Malaysian airplane mystery which is going on...

Courtney Love’s TV Show? Not reality..

Hole singer Courtney Love almost launched her own reality TV series earlier this year.

Courtney Love Calls Former Hole Guitarist Eric Erlandson ‘Family’

Courtney Love is giving former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson her blessing to go ahead with his upcoming book about Kurt Cobain's suicide.