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Peter Green Guitars And Lyrics Going Under The Hammer

150 guitars that were owned by the late Fleetwood Mac co founder and guitarist Peter Green are being sold at an...

Kurt Cobain Guitar From First Nirvana Gig Sold At Auction

A guitar which Kurt Cobain smashed during Nirvana's first ever tour in 1989, sold for over $400,000 at a recent auction. The...

Garage Contents From Guitar Legends Are Under The Hammer

The contents of a converted garage which played host to guitar legends including George Harrison and Ronnie Wood (picture) are to...

World’s First Vinyl Album With Guitar Pedal Has Been Launched

It has emerged that the first vinyl album with a guitar pedal has been released. This new album has been released by...

Slash Reveals His Favourite Guitar

  Slash has a collection of over 400 guitars, but one remains his favourite. "The go-to guitar for me when I'm recording is...