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Harry Street Party #2 For Phil??

We partied when he arrived nearly a decade ago, now Thin Lizzy fans are planning a second street party in Dublin...

Black Star Riders: Kingdom Of The Lost

Watch the new lyric video here! The band will release their debut album "All Hell Breaks Loose" this week, following the previous release of lead single "Bound for Glory". Second single "Kingdom of the Last" was premiered by Joe Ellio...

This Boy Is Cracking Up..

Gardaí have arrested a pair of "renegades" after our city's  prized statute of Phil Lynott was vandalised and cracked badly across...

Lynott statue arrests

Gardaí are investigating serious damage to the statute of Phil Lynott in Dublin city centre, which sustained a large crack along...

The Boy Will Be Back In Town

You may notice something missing from Harry Street if you're around town this weekend. The Phil Lynott statue, which is usually outside...

Vibe for Philo

For those of you who didn't party too hard over Christmas and the New Years why not check out the Vibe for Philo...

Dee Woods On Xmas Music

Dee Woods
Every wondered how self-employed musicians get Christmas bonuses? Why they release a Christmas album of course! A record where no one...

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