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Star Trek’s William Shatner To Go Into Space Next Week

Star Trek actor William Shatner will lift off with Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin Crew into space on October 12.  Aged 90,...

“Welcome To The Dawn of A New Space Age” Says...

Sir Richard Branson and his team of astronauts at Virgin Galactic successfully traveled into space Sunday before returning to Earth. The...

LISTEN: Irish Astronaut Flying To The Moon…Kinda

Dublin astrophysicist Cillian Murphy is currently one of six ‘analog’ astronauts on board a simulated space mission aimed at recreating conditions...

WATCH: SpaceX Launch Live

The world's first privately built spacecraft is expected to be visible over Irish skies at around 950pm tonight. The SpaceX rocket is...

$35K A Night For Holiday In Space

NASA has said it is going to allow private citizens to fly to space and stay at the International Space Station...