The Classic Album at Midnight – Bob Seger’s Night Moves

The Classic Album at Midnight – Bob Seger's Night Moves


Tonight (October 24th) on the world famous Classic Album at Midnight on Radio Nova we’re playing Bob Seger’s Night Moves in full on vinyl, courtesy of The Record Hub.

The album is presented in full with no commercials or interruptions.

Bob Seger emerged from the Detroit music scene in the early 1960, recording his first song in 1961 with a short-lived three-piece band called The Decibels. When The Decibels split up Seger became lead vocalist of a quartet named The Town Criers, who became popular performing as a covers band in the local area. This led to Seger being recruited by a higher profile group, The Omens.

It was while performing with The Omens that Seger was discovered by his manager Edward Andrews, who believed Seger had the potential to be a star in his own right. Combining members of The Omens and Town Criers, Seger formed Bob Seger and the Last Heard, with whom he scored local success with a series of singles.

By 1969 Seger had released his first album, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, as The Bob Seger System. As the System, Seger would release a further two albums before his first solo album, 1971’s Brand New Morning. While Seger would become hugely popular in the Detroit era in the following years, performing for 80,000 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome in summer 1976, he wouldn’t find breakout success until late 1976 and the release of his ninth album, Night Moves.

Night Moves was the first Seger album to credit the Silver Bullet Band, with whom he had been working for several years. However, the Silver Bullet Band actually share backing duties with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, who perform on four of the album’s nine songs.

The album sees Seger cement the distinctive sound he had been developing through the 1970s – a raucous blend of traditional rock n’ roll, R&B and country, led as much by piano and keyboards as guitar.

Along with lead vocals, Seger plays guitar on the record. At the time of Night Moves, the Silver Bullet Band was comprised of guitarist Drew Abbott, keyboardist Robin Robbins, saxophonist Alto Reed, bassist Chris Campbell and drummer Charlie Allen Martin. The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section consisted of guitarist Pete Carr, rhythm guitarist Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Barry Beckett, bassist David Hood and drummer Roger Hawkins.

Night Moves features nine tracks. On Side A are Rock and Roll Never Forgets; Night Moves; The Fire Down Below; and Sunburst. On Side B are Sunspot Baby; Mainstreet; Come to Poppa; Ship of Fools; and Mary Lou.

Night Moves was released on October 22nd, 1976, peaking at number eight on the US Billboard chart. It would turn platinum six times over, selling over six million copies in the US to date. Rock and Roll Never Forgets, Night Moves and Mainstreet were released as singles. Night Moves was the biggest hit, reaching number four in the US. Mainstreet could only reach number 24 but would go on to become a staple of rock radio.

Rolling Stone called Night Moves one of the best albums of 1976, comparing Seger’s vocals to Rod Stewart and his lyrics to Bruce Springsteen.

With such a comparison, how could we not consider Night Moves a classic album? You can rock out with Seger at midnight tonight on Radio Nova.