Tool Sell Limited Edition Fear Inoculum Ultra-Deluxe Vinyl LP Boxset For $810


Tool have made an announcement that may not appease most fans with the news of a Fear Inoculum ultra-deluxe vinyl LP box set. The ‘90s LA rockers will have this superb collection available at shows going forward, although the hefty price tag of $810 (€714.43).

Breaking the news on social media, Tool included an unboxing video that showcases every beautifully-finished item featured in the set. Opening a sealed package, the video reveals a top of the line offering from a band who traditionally go above and beyond.

Tool have traditionally taken great care and shown much dedication into how they’ve presented all of their physical releases over the years, so there’s little doubt that this collection will be a top of the line offering from the band who traditionally go above and beyond. in their packaging.

Within the caption, Tool say: “There’s some late breaking news from the band. Having just received their personal allotment of the forthcoming (TBA) FEAR INOCULUM ULTRA DELUXE LP, they were inspired to offer for sale this very limited number of advance pressings to TOOLARMY VIP PACKAGE holders (taking advantage of their early merch access) beginning with tonight’s show in Philadelphia and extending to the remaining shows in Elmont, Newark, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and so forth, or until there are no more available (prior to the worldwide release that’s projected for sometime in April),” the band wrote in the message.

Furthermore, these early vinyl arrivals (only a tour item for the time being) have been AUTOGRAPHED, adding a personal touch to the cover imagery. The package contains 5 discs of industry best 180g vinyl, with audio tracks on one side and etched art on the reverse of each side of the disc. Though the quantities are very limited, should there be any remaining copies, they will be made available to concert goers at the general merch booth.”

For what could have been considered as an exciting gesture to fans, Tool have been criticised online for the outlandish price. One concertgoer shared a photo from the merchandising booth onto Reddit, which has been met with anger amongst users. Another fan then posted that one box set purchased had already been turned around on eBay, selling for $2,000.

According to a press representative for the band, the box set is going for $750 plus venue fees and tax which raises the total to $810. As one might expect, the lofty price tag has received backlash for the cost, as detailed in multiple Tool and Reddit threads. Although the ultra-deluxe vinyl LP box set is currently only available at shows, reports suggest it will release this April.