Tracy Chapman Set To Perform ‘Fast Car’ With Luke Combs At Grammy Awards


US singer Tracy Chapman is set to perform her famous track ‘Fast Car’ with Luke Combs at this week’s Grammy Awards, according to reports.

The ceremony which takes place on Sunday (February 4),  is to reportedly see Chapman perform her 1988 track alongside Combs, whose cover of the song became such a hit following its release last year.

Combs’ cover of Fast Car reached number 7 in the Official Charts Top 40 last year.

This would also mark a rare citing of Chapman on stage, having been rarely seen on stage, following the conclusion of her last tour in 2009.

Last year, Tracy Chapman did make history after Fast Car was named both song and single of the year at the awards ceremony in Nashville.

In the process, Chapman also became the first black songwriter to win Song of the Year in the award’s 57 year history.

“found and embraced Fast Car”

In light of Luke Combs’ success following the release of his cover of the song last year, Tracy Chapman was full of praise for Combs, and thrilled that the song had reached a new generation of music fans.

“I never expected to find myself on the country charts, but I’m honoured to be there,” Chapman said in a statement. “I’m happy for Luke and his success and grateful that new fans have found and embraced ‘Fast Car”. 

On the success of his cover, Luke Combs also added, “Tracy Chapman wrote this perfect song that I first heard with my dad and it has stayed with me since I have played it in my live show now for six-plus years and everyone — I mean everyone — across all these stadiums relates to this song and sings along. That’s the gift of a supernatural song writer”. 

“The success of my cover is unreal and I think it’s so cool that Tracy is getting recognized and has reached new milestones. I love that she is out there feeling all the love and that she gave me a shout-out! Thank you, Tracy!”.

Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs become the latest stars to add their names to this year’s line up at the Grammys, which also includes Billy Joel and Joni Mitchell. More on this here.