U2 Singer Bono Named One of Forbes’ Most Influential Celebrities



U2’s Bono lands on Forbes’ Most Influential list

U2 frontman Bono is obviously a talented songwriter and vocalist, but it’s Bono’s work with various charities and commitment to supporting social change that makes him stand out. Accordingly, the singer has snagged a spot on Forbes’ 2013 Most Influential Celebrities list for his commitment to helping those in need. Bono sits No. 8 on the list, and he is the only personality from the music industry to make the Top 10.

The list is comprised of percentages developed by the E-Poll Research company E-Score Celebrity service, which puts together the tally based on 46 different characteristics, such as “down to earth,” “dynamic” and “compassionate.” Bono came in at a 37 percent influential score, with his main quality being “activist.” Check out the Top 10 below.

Forbes’ Top 10 Most Influential Celebrities:

1. Oprah Winfrey, 48 percent, compassionate
2. Steven Spielberg, 47 percent, interesting
3. Martin Scorsese, 42 percent, dynamic
4. Ron Howard, 41 percent, down to earth
5. George Lucas, 41 percent, trend-setter
6. Dr. Mehmet Oz, 40 percent, good energy
7. Barbara Walters, 37 percent, classy
8. Bono, 37 percent, activist
9. Suze Orman 37 percent, good energy
10. Clint Eastwood, 36 percent, unique