Under My Skin – Stones Sue!

When you see the below logo, what’s the first thing you think of?

I’m guessing you didn’t say a clothing label?

The Rolling Stones are suing a German clothing company over its use of the band’s famous logo. According to NME, the manufacturer has appropriated the Stones’ popular mouth logo on posters and other promotional items found in its stores.

The band’s lawsuit charges that the New Yorker Fashion company used the iconic image on posters seen in 800 shops as well as on 3,000 clothing tags. The Stones are asking for more than €250,000 in settlement damages plus around another €20,000 in fines.

“As with any band or major brand, we will be fiercely protective of our commercial properties, be that songs, gigs or logos,” said a spokesperson for the group. “If we didn’t chase up improper use it would set a dangerous precedent.”

The offending posters and tags have already been removed from the stores, but Fritz Knapp, CEO for New Yorker Fashion, is fighting the action. ”The tongue is not the Stones’ alone,” he said. “The posters were made by our creative department. I won’t let the Stones ban my tongue.”