Watch Actor Himesh Patel Cover ‘Yesterday’ On Jimmy Kimmel


Himesh Patel is the star in Danny Boyle’s new film Yesterday. It’s a film that imagines a world where The Beatles don’t exist.

Patel’s character, Jack Malik then becomes a celebrity who gets famous masquerading as the genius behind such hits as “Hard Day’s Night” and “Hey Jude.”

The UK actor made a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting the film and also revealed his own version of Beatles’ classic “Yesterday.”

Patel played the song on guitar and vocals, accompanied by a string section that bought another level to his rendition of the song.

Yesterday is written by the man behind Love Actually, Richard Curtis and stars Kate McKinnon, Lily James and Ed Sheeran, who features as a cameo in the film.

This film is director Danny Boyle’s first feature since 2017’s Trainspotting sequel, T2: Trainspotting. In a recent interview with the BBC Richard Curtis explained his decision to  cast Ed Sheeran in the movie:

“When we came up to Suffolk to research the movie I just said to Ed ‘why don’t you come to dinner with Danny.’ I said after the dinner, ‘Danny, if we cast him, he’s not experienced at acting’ and Danny said ‘from the way he is as a person, I’m absolutely sure it’s gonna be fine.’”

Featured Image:

“So Ed committed to rehearsal, instead of saying ‘I’ll just turn up’, and Danny just gave him a few simple things. We were part of the miseducation of Ed Sheeran.”

Boyle added, “Obviously Ed’s a wonderful musician and it was amazing watching him in concert. But actually, in terms of acting, I felt I could help him a bit.”

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