Watch As Eddie Vedder Plays Basball Wth Fans And Hits A Car

Cornell Tribute

Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder played street baseball with fans after the Chicago Cubs’ Wild Card playoff defeat to the Colorado Rockies at Wrigley Field last week. A video of the sporting moment is below.

Alternative Nation reported, that a fan observed when Vedder hit a baseball, it may have hit a car. On Twitter, Bleacher Jeff, said, “Me pitching to Eddie vedder of @PearlJam with @Super_Dave, Bleacher Bob, and Eddie’s Entourage, at about 1:20 am. he came to see us to tell us he loves us after the game. Thanks Ed!”

The fan speaks to Vedder, “Nice shot. Whose car is that over there by the way? We’ll have to apologize to them later.” Joking, someone adds that it was a ‘safety ball.’ There didn’t appear to be any serious damage. Vedder was warm to fans, hugging and shaking hands with them, and saying he was happy to meet.

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