Watch Bono & The Edge Cover Classic ABBA Track ‘S.O.S’


U2 pair Bono and The Edge released a very special cover of classic ABBA track ‘S.O.S’, with a string section.

The video which you can check out below, is part of a special performance given by the pair for the BBC, marking the release of their new album ‘Songs of Surrender’, which arrives today.

This performance also included a live cover of the band’s 2004 hit ‘Vertigo’


Along with performing the tracks, Bono and The Edge also spoke about how the pressure to be viewed as “macho” during the early Punk music scene, stopped them from admitting their fondness for pop groups like ABBA and The Bee Gees.

Since then, Bono has revealed that he is massive fan of both classic bands.

“But I did get to The Bee Gees and I was ready to own up to (the songs) Massachusetts and Tragedy – I mean these are just crazy good”, he added.

“But there’s a bit of a macho ‘I don’t want to own up to ABBA’”, Bono conceded.

He also admitted, “But I’ll tell you what, they’re just better songs. You can’t be empirical about everything in art”. 

U2 guitarist the Edge also had this to say.

“We’re big fans of this Scandinavian band, appreciators of their work in a way that grew over years”, he revealed. “We are fans of the Bee Gees, which people wouldn’t have imagined”. 

He also insisted, “We’re fans of lots of great songwriters who aren’t necessarily seen as very hip, and I guess we’re just appreciators of their work”.