WATCH: Karl Spain In “The Hurler” Hits The Funny Bone

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The Hurler is an adaptation of the award-winning web series and a one-man show of the same name which was created by first-time Writer/Director Tony Kelly (who also plays the character of Gar Campion).

Tony says, “This film has been the culmination of over ten years of blood, sweat, tears, laughs, rejections, and near misses. To have a cast and crew as talented as this come together with me to finally make it is more than a dream come true!”

The Hurler is a comedy about Ireland’s most notorious hurling star who becomes the first player in history to fail a test for performance enhancing drugs he agrees to some charity work in order to rebuild his shattered reputation, coaching Ireland’s worst team.

The film features an all-star cast, with Elva Trill (Jurassic World, Northern Lights) playing Ruby Vercetti opposite Kelly with comedy legends such as Jon Kenny of D’Unbelievables as Gar’s coach and mentor, David McSavage of The Savage Eye, Mario Rosenstock, Karl Spain and legendary GAA personality Marty Morrissey!

The Hurler made waves in the press last year when Kelly was concussed on the second last day of production while filming with Marty Morrissey and continued on to finish the film