WATCH: Tribute to 40 Years of U2’s Boy


Forty years ago on the 20th of October in 1980, Boy was born; U2’s debut studio album.

Dublin’s U2 tribute “Zooropa”, had planned to mark the occasion by playing the entire album at a big gig in Dublin but, for reasons that have become all too common, that plan had to be scrapped.

Since an anniversary isn’t the kind of thing you can postpone, the lads decided to meet up and make a video of the first-ever live performance of the album – something not even U2 has ever done.

That video went live on YouTube yesterday and people all round the planet have been raving about it.

Even Steve Lillywhite, the producer of Boy, had a look at it. Unfortunately, he got a bit hung up on the fact that the lads spelt his name wrong. Relax, Steve. It’s music, not Mastermind.

Watch the entire album video, produced by Scott Halliday with Jay as Larry, Noel O’Brien as Adam, Brian Mulcair as The Edge and Mark Breen as Bono.