‘We Should Know Better’ – ‘It’s Not The Irish Way’ – Taoiseach Scolds Far-Right Protest Fringe

An Taoiseach - Leo Varadkar T.D.

The Taoiseach has strongly criticised far-right protesters saying they should know better.

Leo Varadkar said he is “very concerned about the rise of the far right and the rise of racism in Ireland”.

Meanwhile, anti-refugee protests have continued in parts of Dublin with people heard chanting things like ‘burn them out’ and ‘get them out’.

He was speaking after a demonstration outside Finglas Garda Station last night where a large crowd gathered calling for the release of a far right activist.

It’s the latest incident after a number of smaller protests aimed at refugees and migrants.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the behaviour is not the Irish way: “Refugees are welcome here and it is important that we have a robust system in place to make sure that we welcome those who are genuinely fleeing war and oppression and return those who are not,” said Mr Varadkar.

I want people to be assured that that is what we will do, but the scenes we have seen in recent days and recent weeks really are not acceptable and it is not the Irish way.

Irish people understand migration. All of our families have been shaken by it. We’ve been welcomed all around the world and in some countries, we’ve been mistreated.

As a country, we should know better and the scenes we have seen in recent days and recent weeks really must be condemned.

It is not the Irish way of doing things. It is not in accordance with our history and our culture and certainly, where there has been any violence or any breaches of law, the Gardaí are on top of that.”