What Would Rory Gallagher Think?


Especially after he bought his famous ’61 Stratocaster there and it has been an institution on the Cork music scene since 1926 but now Crowley’s Music Centre on McCurtain Street has closed its doors for the last time.

The shop was the largest music store in the city and as well as dealing in modern brand names in guitars, keyboards and drums, it also sourced rare custom and collectible instruments, specialising in 1920s’ rare banjos.

The stores owners took to facebook today saying: “Thank you everybody for your kind words. It is overwhelmingly sad of course and it is a terrible reflection of the crisis on our island.  I campaigned for buying local etc… and wore the ear off everybody, myself included! I could not change the tide of cultural evolution. Computers are stuck to the ends of our hands. Germany has way bigger buying power than us. Charges are going up and profits are going down”

A very sad sign of the times and Crowleys, surely won’t be the last music shop in Ireland to fall to the power of online buying in the coming months.