Wild Beasts Unveil Two New Tunes With A GIF Novel


It’s not easy coming up with an original way to share new material, however English indie band Wild Beasts released two brand new songs in an unusual, yet original way.

The band premiered two new tracks titled ‘Soft Future’ and ‘Blood Knowledge’, as part of an interactive graphic novel created using nothing but GIFs.

The creative venture is part of The Jameson Works. The Irish whiskey company says ‘The Jameson Works is about sharing the stories behind modern craft, and spreading the knowledge of how great work is made today.’

Wild Beasts collaborated with French animator and GIF-creator Mattis Dovier to develop the story.

Users can listen to ‘Soft Future’ and ‘Blood Knowledge’ and view the graphic novel here.

The Jameson Works website describes GIF stories as, ‘the story of a human experiencing a robot’s world for Soft Future, and a robot exploring a human’s world for Blood Knowledge.’

Speaking to DIY about the project, Wild Beasts’ frontman Hayden Thorpe said: “We went from the idea of it being a graphic novel to something we could soundtrack and put on the Internet, so it became a GIF, rather than a fixed graphic. I just sat back in awe at how it’s put together. To me, it’s still magic.”

Wild Beasts released their fourth album Present Tense in February 2014.

The Jameson Works x Wild Beasts – Re-Imagining Storytelling: The Process from The Jameson Works on Vimeo.