Forbes Announces The Highest Grossing Musicians Of 2014


Forbes releases their list of highest grossing artists of 2014, and there’s a few familiar names from rock & roll featured in the top 20.

It was a great year for rockers The Eagles, Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springsteen, they  all made it into the top five.

Topping the poll was hip-hop producer-rapper and electronics mogul Dr. Dre. Even though Dre hasn’t released an album in over a decade, the last being 2001’s Chronic 2001, the rapper made his fortune with headphones.

His company Beats Electronics & Beats Music was bought by Apple for €2.4 billion in May this year. Leaving the entrepreneur to walk away with a €500 million cut of the deal.

Trailing behind in a distant second place, is singer Beyonce. She managed to accrue €92 million from various endorsement deals with Pepsi and H&M. As well as her tour with husband Jay Z and releasing a surprise album.

Coming in third place, The Eagels pulled in €80 million, followed by Bon Jovi €66 million and completing the top five is Bruce Springsteen, The Boss earned €65 million in 2014.

Other rockers that made the list include, Paul McCartney €57 million, The Rolling Stones €38 million and Roger Waters €37 million.

Forbes’ highest paid musicians of 2014:

Dr Dre – $620m (£395m)
Beyoncé – $115m (£73m)
The Eagles – $100m (£64m)
Bon Jovi – $82m (£52m)
Bruce Springsteen – $81m (£52m)
Justin Bieber – $80m (£51m)
One Direction – $75m (£48m)
Paul McCartney – $71m (£45m)
Calvin Harris – $66m (£42m)
Toby Keith: $65m (£41m)
Taylor Swift: $64m (£41m)
Jay Z – $60m (£38m)
Diddy – $60m (£38m)
Bruno Mars – $60m (£38m)
Justin Timberlake – $57m (£36m)
Pink – $52m (£33m)
Michael Buble – $51m (£33m)
Rihanna – $48m (£30m)
Rolling Stones – $47m (£30m)
Roger Waters – $46m (£29m)