ZamStar Magic: Samsung-Backed Smart Guitar Set For Release

(Image credit: Samsung

Samsung has unveiled its new product ahead of CES 2022 and it might be truly the greatest guitar innovation yet. Introducing ZamStar, the app designed for eager students of rock to simplify their learning and collaborating on guitar.

Launched as part of its C-Lab initiative, the platform features lights on the fretboard, indicating where your fingers should be. Described as an “integrated smart guitar and online jamming platform”, ZamStar includes a custom electric guitar, and an accompanying app. The ZamString guitar sports fretboard LEDs which lighten as a guide to playing based on the input of a song. Whereas the accompanying app enables users to record, edit, and share licks with other users, anywhere in the world.

The new platform is said to perform several collaborative jamming functions, as users gain the ability to play back up to four instruments – including vocals. However, further details are sparse on the ZamString instrument itself, or how it will interact with the ZamStar application.

Mock-ups of the axe show a black, Tele-style guitar with a humbucking pickup in the bridge position and a single coil at the neck. Although, eager users should expect to hear more in-depth information at CES 2022, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5-8th. For more information, head to Samsung C-Lab.

We’re working to make it easier for people to share and empathize with music inspiration,” a ZamStar product designer said. “Our goal is to allow not only experienced musicians, but also those who are just starting out in music to get together and share their music stories.”

The key problem is that it takes too long to practice music skills and becomes easier to lose interest while playing alone,” according to the demo narration. The smart guitar ZamString and online jamming platform, ZamStar, can solve this problem.”

Although the ZamStar concept has significant backing from Samsung, it is not the first fretboard to have LED lights embedded. Edge Tech Labs unveiled the Fret Zeppelin (now called the Fret Zealot) in 2017, which included an app-enabled fretboard accessory which guides fingers with LEDs while they play.

Watch the ZamStar demo video here.

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