3 Doors Down Bass Player Todd Harrell Talks Touring, Charity Work


3 Doors Down member says the heart of the band lies in charity work.

Like many hard-working rock bands, the men of 3 Doors Down spend months on the road, blasting their meat-and-potatoes hard rock out to thousands of fans. In fact, bass player Todd Harrell and the guys spend most of their days doing the touring rounds, away from family and friends.

Despite the hardships of touring, Harrell says it’s the life 3 Doors Down picked, and it’s a great life. “It’s a give and take thing. [Touring] definitely takes you away from your friends and family but it’s good to be out here,” he told the Boston Music Spotlight. “We’re glad to be out. We’re real comfortable out here on the road and we enjoy it still. It’s still a lot of fun for us.”

Besides, having to play tons of shows is just a sign that 3 Doors Down are in-demand, and Harrell knows many bands would love to take their place in a millisecond. “We’re one of the lucky ones,” he said. “[We have seen] some great bands come and go [since we started]. We just feel real fortunate to still be here. We’re thankful to all our great fans, without them we wouldn’t be anything. We have to thank those guys and it doesn’t hurt to be out touring and be in their face all the time.”

As much as Harrell loves playing live, he says the heart of 3 Doors Down lies in their charity work with The Better Life Foundation, which works to aid non-profits, hospitals and other organizations to help give children a better life. “[The Foundation] is probably one of the most rewarding things we’ve done,” Harrell said. “It’s real rewarding to be able to give back. It started as a local foundation to help out people where we’re from and it’s just grown from there. I’m real thankful to be a part of it.”