Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell + Metallica Play at Anniversary Show


Watch Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell jam with Metallica

Metallica spent the past week celebrating their 30th anniversary of making the heaviest of sounds, and to help commemorate the milestone, plenty of the band’s closest musical friends sat in with the metal men at four special anniversary shows scattered throughout the week.

While most of the peeps jamming at the shows easily fell into Metallica’s metal genre (Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, former Metallica bass players Jason Newsted and Ron McGovney, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, Glenn Danzig), one slightly oddball, out-of-the-genre guest was Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

On Friday, Cantrell performed live with the guys of Metallica on several songs, including “For Whom the bell Tolls,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “Seek and Destroy” and a cover of Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone.” Check out the footage — taped at the Fillmore in San Francisco — below, and see why this is a match made it heavy music heaven!

While Cantrell’s background in grunge seems an unlikely match with Metallica’s brand of He-Man metal, Canrtell did appear on Metallica’s 1998 album, Garage Inc., so this isn’t the first time the guys have had a meeting of the minds. Will members of Metallica appear on the upcoming Alice in Chains album? Let’s hope! On the subject of Alice in Chains’ new album, Cantrell recently told ESPN that it’s well in the works and expected to arrive in 2012, despite a few setbacks. “… We’ve been writing a lot. I also had shoulder surgery earlier this year. I’m at the tail end of rehabbing that,” he said. “That put us back a little bit. But we have some stuff. We’ll do some writing. Hopefully we’ll have it out next year. We’ll put it out when we feel that it’s worth putting out.”