Bez From Happy Mondays Is Launching A Political Career


He may be most recognisable as the non-stop dancing member of Happy Mondays, but now Bez is looking for a new career as a politician.

Bez real name Mark Berry, is leaving his maracas behind and running for a seat in the Houses Of Parliament.

Berry launched his campaign in his home city of Salford, Greater Manchester yesterday. He is looking to shake things up as part of the little known Reality Party, which he began in 2014.

His black and white poster reads: ‘Join The Revolution’ “The welfare of the people is the highest law”.

He is using all the old political tricks and some new ones, to entice the public into voting, including handing out free beer to potential voters.

The Guaridan reports Bez told onlookers: “The Labour party was supposed to defend the people and be for the working class, but now they only have ever-so-slightly different polices from the Conservatives.”

The Happy Monday’s member took aim at the Prime Minister, David Cameron, labelling him a “puppet” for big business corporations.
“We don’t want to get dictated to by corporate bankers who have formed the Fourth Reich. My granddad didn’t die in the war for f**k all.”

Bez says he is now a man of action. “I have been saying we need a revolution and there’s no good shouting about it when you’re not actually doing anything.”

“Power needs to return to the people. The Reality Party was born of our collective opposition to fracking which is uniting the country.”