Black Is Back


The Black Keys have speculated that they are ready to make another album, despite only releasing their last record Turn Blue in May 2014.

The band are gearing up for an American tour, starting on September 5th, kicking off in their home state of Ohio.

Despite the tour schdule, they have also revealed they’re eager to get back in the studio and begin recording their ninth album.

In an interview with Billboard, Patrick Carney the group’s drummer, spoke about touring commitments being a hindrance for himself and singer Dan Auerbach getting back recording material straight away.

Patrick Carney, told Billboard, “If it were up to Dan and I, and we didn’t have to consider the fact that we need to complete the full tour circuit, we’d probably be back in the studio in January.”

“I think by the time this record came out we were ready to make another one. We started the band because we wanted to make albums. We wanted to make one record, and then we found out we had to tour,” he said

Carney continued, “We didn’t play our first show ’til after our first record was recorded, so it’s always been about making records, and it’s been a process in growing to become good performers.”

The Black Keys’ US tour finishes up in late December and their European leg of the tour doesn’t begin until mid-February. This leaves a small window in January, to record some new material.

Carney did add that, things were still up in the air regarding a musical direction. “It’s not like we have an idea of what direction we want to go in or anything. I’d like our next record to be… I don’t want to go somewhere too pre-planned. We always want to go somewhere different,” Carney said.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Irish shows planned on their upcoming European tour. Maybe if you bombard the duo with tweets requesting them to play here, they’ll add an Irish date.