Bob Dylan To Release New Live Album ‘Shadow Kingdom’


Bob Dylan has confirmed the release of his live album ‘Shadow Kingdom’.

The live album which arrives on June 2, will include each and every song from the film ‘Shadow Kingdom’, which was recorded and released by Dylan in 2021.

Arriving via Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings, ‘Shadow Kingdom’ will also feature the instrumental track that closed the film out, known as ‘Sierra’s Theme’.

The album will be available as a CD and double LP, and released to streaming platforms. You can pre order it here.

On top of this, the track ‘Watching the River Flow’ was also shared, and Dylan’s 2021 performance of the track also marked the first time that the singer played the track in 7 years.

The film itself was released by Dylan via the Veeps platform for just one week in 2021, and will also be available to rent and download for the first time in June.

Track List:

The track listing for ‘Shadow Kingdom’ is as follows.

  1. ‘When I Paint My Masterpiece’
  2. ‘Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)’
  3. ‘Queen Jane Approximately’
  4. ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight’
  5. ‘Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues’
  6. ‘Tombstone Blues’
  7. ‘To Be Alone With You’
  8. ‘What Was It You Wanted’
  9. ‘Forever Young’
  10. ‘Pledging My Time’
  11. ‘The Wicked Messenger’
  12. ‘Watching the River Flow’
  13. ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’
  14. ‘Sierra’s Theme’

“not supposed to talk to him”

Back in December, Billy Burnette a former touring guitarist for Bob Dylan, revealed that the music legend even has his own signal for when he does not want to be spoken to.

Burnette joined Bob Dylan’s touring band in 2003.

“When he wears the hood, you’re not supposed to talk to him,” Burnette explained. “I didn’t know that until one day we were in line to get on a plane at the airport. I tapped him on the shoulder”, he revealed. ‘No, no. He don’t talk to anyone when he’s got the hood on.’ I was like, ‘OK. I’m glad you told me”. 

Burnette also added that Bob Dylan has a subtle way of disappearing from the public gaze.

“He’s slippery”, he said. “He can walk in an airport … they lost him one day. They couldn’t find him anywhere. I’m in this little gift shop and I turn around, and there he is. He goes, ‘Hi, Billy.’ I was like, ‘How did you get in here?’ He moves around. It’s a weird thing”.