Bob Seger Eyeing Retirement?


Last night on Nova we played ‘Night Moves’ in full, today we’re reporting that Bob Seger may be close to calling it a day. Bob is still hard at work on his long awaited new album – and is hinting that the still-untitled collection may be his last.

Seger has already collaborated with both Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow on the new set, which is his followup to 2006’s Face The Promise, and told Classic Rock magazine that ensuring the quality of the album is the most important part of the ongoing sessions, explaining, “All I’m concerned about is trying to make that (album) as good as it can be. I wouldn’t say I’m in the planning stages of retiring, but I’m wide open to it now, and I don’t know how much more there is to prove.”

Seger, who’s now 68, looked back on his life in rock, saying, “I’ve had a great career, y’know? It’s been a great run. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. It’d just be nice to have one last record out there, one last swan song, and then. . . we’ll look at everything else.”