Check Out The Teaser For “Becoming Led Zeppelin”


A teaser clip for the first ever authorised Led Zeppelin documentary has been shared online. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival this weekend.

This clip also includes footage of Led Zeppelin performing “Good Times Bad Times”.

In the video, the band are also stitched with black and white footage of a Zeppelin.

Check out the clip for yourselves below.

“They were pretty miserable”

Speaking to the Associated Press, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page said that the band had received several film pitches over the year, but they “were pretty miserable”. 

“Miserable and also to the point where they would want to be concentrating on anything but the music”, Page said on the film festival’s red carpet.

It was only when the rockers received a leather bound storyboard which was mapped out from producers Allison McGourty and Bernard McMahon, that they decided on Becoming Led Zeppelin.

“This one, it’s everything about the music, and what made the music tick”, he said. “It’s not just a sample of it with a talking head. This is something in a totally different genre”. 

Becoming Led Zeppelin

On the documentary, Bernie McMahon released this statement.

“With Becoming Led Zeppelin my goal was to make a documentary that looks and feels like a musical”, he said.

“I wanted to weave together the four diverse stories of the band members before and after they formed their group with large sections of their story advanced using only music and imagery and to contextualise the music with the locations where it was created and the world events that inspired it”. 

Becoming Led Zeppelin also features new interviews from Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. It also includes footage of interviews from the late John Bonham. Bonham sadly passed away in 1980.

The film lasts for two hours and seventeen minutes. More on this here.