Christy Dignam’s Last Studio Song Released By Aslan

Picture: Aslan/Denise McCormack

Aslan have released their last studio recording with lead singer Christy Dignam as a tribute to their late friend and frontman also revealing their hope to be back on the road soon.

“The Fields of Athenry”, was recorded before Christy became too ill to perform and the band have decided that the song, which was produced by Aslan guitarist and vocalist Joe Jewell and Stuart Gray, be released to honour the legendary artist.

The recording of the song came about when Aslan was approached by Paul O’Reilly of Dolphin Records to record the ballad in their own unique style.

Picture: Aslan/Denise McCormack

Guitarist Billy McGuinness said the band would never have envisioned that the recording would be their last as a foursome saying, “Little did we know when we were in the studio, recording an Aslan version of the Fields of Athenry, that it would be our final time recording with Christy. “As usual he recorded an amazing vocal to the track and like so many cover songs that the band have recorded over the years, Christy put his own unique stamp on it.”

Drummer Alan added, “As we all know Christy loved the ballads and he has sung some brilliant versions of them throughout our years together. “This song is iconic to many people across the whole world and we really hope you enjoy our take on this classic song. “For it to be our last recording with Christy makes it even more special.”

While Joe said the band is happy to be able to share such a special song with everyone, “Here is Christy doing another brilliant vocal on one of his favourite songs. “We wanted to share it with you all. We hope you all enjoy it and thanks for the amazing support.”

According to Wikipedia, “The Fields of Athenry” was written in 1979 by Pete St. John in the style of an Irish folk ballad. Set during the Great Famine of the 1840s, the lyrics feature a fictional man from near Athenry in County Galway, who stole food for his starving family and has been sentenced to transportation to the Australian penal colony at Botany Bay. It has become a widely known, popular anthem for Irish sports supporters.

The song is available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music.