Courtney Love Reveals Kurt Cobain’s Rivalry With Pearl Jam


Courtney Love has spoken about the rivalry between Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam during the 90s.

Speaking to National Geographic recently, Love explained “There was a rivalry to have your voice be heard, and be successful, but to have your voice be heard.” adding, “I remember when Pearl Jam beat Nirvana onto the cover of Time, and that pissed Kurt off, let me tell you.”

The Hole singer also speculated about songs that were written by Smashing Pumpkins and Bush, as well as Nirvana during the peek grunge era in the 90s. Speaking of the music, she said “I listen to Lithium,which is like all of the ‘90s songs and a lot of them are actually about me, which is interesting,” She added,  “There’s so many Smashing Pumpkins songs about me, there’s a Bush song about me.”


Love recalled, “I remember I used to date this movie star in the ‘90s and we were listening to KROQ. Of six songs in a row, five of them were about me. I told him that, and he was ‘No, they aren’t!’ I was: ‘Yeah, they are. I dated every one of those guys, dude.’ He was like: ‘You’re such a slut!’”

Photo Cred: Juanky Pamies Alcubilla