Dave Grohl Teams Up With Daughter Violet To Cover “Nausea” Track


Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl has teamed up with his daughter Violet to release a cover of the track “Nausea”.  The track was released by LA Punk legends X.

Check out the cover here.

As well as featuring in Grohl’s upcoming documentary “What Drives Us”, the song also carries a lot of family history. A fact that Grohl only found out through his grandmother.

Speaking on his collaboration with Violet, dad Dave had this to say.

“Anyone who has ever heard Violet sing knows that she was certainly capable of doing it, but it was just a matter of getting her in front of the microphone to record, something that the two of us had never done together before. It felt so meaningful to have the first song Violet and I record together be a tribute to our Bonebrake heritage”. 

Grohl also added, “We smiled upon listening to playback at full volume. It was a moment that superseded anything musical. A life moment that I will cherish forever. A family moment”. 

It is also not the first time that the father and daughter have collaborated together.

Grohl’s “Bonebrake heritage”

Dave Grohl explained that he returned from Nirvana’s World Tour in 1992 to receive a letter from his grandmother. The letter stated that it was possible that the former Nirvana drummer was related to X drummer, DJ Bonebrake.

“I found it a bit peculiar that my not-so punk rock 83-year-old grandmother would pay any attention to X’s tour stop, but upon further inspection I noticed that she had circled the name of one of the band members in the article, DJ Bonebrake, and I quickly realised why this article had caught her attention”, Grohl explained.

Grohl also explained how a recording session with X singer, John Doe had prompted him to find out what the connection was exactly.

“Like a long lost relative”

Grohl and DJ Bonebrake met after a Foo Fighters show in 2007. Foos bassist Pat Smear was able to broker the meeting.

“As he (Bonebrake) came through the door, we all stood up and warmly greeted him like a long lost relative, inspecting every feature, desperately trying to identify the trademark family brow or chin, passed down over centuries”, Grohl said.

He continued, “Long discussions of distant relatives and our historic family tree ensued, and by the end of the night we parted ways feeling a bit more connected to the linenage that bought us to this place”. 

“I wanted to record a song that would not only pay tribute to the people and music that influenced me to become a musician, but also to pay tribute to my long family history”. 

Adding, “So what better than an X song? And what better person to sing it than my daughter, Violet Grohl, another descendant of Johann Christian Beinbrech. “I picked up one of my favorite X songs, ‘Nausea’, from their 1980 debut album ‘Los Angeles’ and forwarded it to Violet, hoping that she would agree to my most impulsive idea”. 

This month also saw Dave Grohl confirm plans for his new book, The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music. More on that report here.