Def Leppard Reveal They Are Working On A New Album!


Def Leppard axeman, Phil Collen has revealed that the rockers actually began recording tracks for their next studio record while touring last year.

Phil Collen

Collen was speaking in an interview with Planet Rock in anticipation of the rock group’s headline slot at the Download Festival just passed. The guitarist said:

“We started it last year actually, we started recording it last year on tour. Like on the Tesla album, we’d be in rooms like this and we’d be doing guitars. We’ve actually started the Def Leppard album a similar way. We’ve got the odd track on the go. And that’s it, really. It’s just how far you go.”

Collen also said that the band had adopted a new working process with their eponymous album dropped in 2015. “The last album we actually went in to do one or two songs, and within a week, we had 12 songs. And it shocked us. So, it was, like, ‘This is an album already.’

“It ended up being more than that. That came together really quickly. And we didn’t even plan that. So I think it’s gonna be a different thing. There’s a bunch of songs already on the go. So it’s, yeah, a lot of fun.”

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