Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan On Bowie’s Influence


Dave Gahan has spoken recently about the effect David Bowie’s death last year had on him, saying he felt like he lost “a personal connection”.

The Depeche Mode frontman and Bowie both had daughters in the same school and in recent years the musicians had bumped into each other on several occasions. Gahan opened up to Rolling Stone this month and shared his regret at not telling Bowie, ‘You know David, I bump into you every once in a while, but I’ve never told you how much your music has meant to me and continues to mean to me”.

Growing up as a teenager in England, Gahan idolised Bowie and cites him as a major influence on his career, “I had found somebody in him that I could understand, where I felt I was part of his world, when I felt alienated.” He said he “broke down in tears” when his wife told him the news of Bowie’s death.

Gahan spoke about fans’ response to Depeche Mode’s cult albums Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion and how Bowie’s Diamond Dogs and Ziggy Stardust similarly spoke to him, “… those albums where you sit in your bedroom wondering why you don’t fit in with the rest of the world”.

Gahan says. “That’s what I was doing with David Bowie at that age. I had found somebody in him that I could understand, where I felt I was part of his world, when I felt alienated. And I think that’s why Depeche Mode appeals to a lot of people. Somehow it’s comforting, like, ‘You’re not alone.’ You’re not, of course. None of us are. But music is the thing that crosses all boundaries and brings odd people together.”

The band recently filmed a special tribute concert for Bowie in New York City High line. The covered “Heros” and are currently deciding how they will release the material which they are eager to share.

I was so moved, I barely held it together, to be honest,” Gahan says. “Martin listened to ‘Heroes’ once it was mixed and randomly told me, ‘Wow that was really fucking good.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?'”

Depeche Mode are embarking on a European tour later this year and begin rehearsals mid-February. Their forthcoming LP Spirit has been confirmed to be released March 17.

Picture Credit: Wonker