DNA Research Says Ozzy Osbourne Is A Genetic Mutant!


A new book describing Ozzy Osbourne, frontman of the iconic Black Sabbath band as a genetic mutant has just been released.

According to Spin a genetic research professor Bill Sullivan, from the Indiana University School of Medicine made the comparison in his new book, Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are.

The study that Sullivan used was from similar research by Gnome, a Massachusetts-based company who had looked at Ozzy’s DNA in 2010 to ascertain the reasons how he managed to live so long even though he had such a history of alcohol and drug use.

The conclusion that Sullivan came to was that “Ozzy is indeed a genetic mutant” he concluded that the reason for Ozzy’s longevity was due to his DNA, which has made him resilient to years of substance abuse.

Sharon Osbourne revealed that Ozzy’s health had been compromised after he contracted pneumonia and following an accident at home.

In an interview that Sharon gave to Talk, she says “At the beginning of the year, Ozzy had a bad flu that went to bronchitis, that went to pneumonia,” adding “And then when he had the flu, he came out of hospital and he had a bad accident at home.” And despite the ailments and accident the Dark Lord is still standing!

Due to ill health, Ozzy had to postpone his farewell tour at the time but recently his son Jack announced that Ozzy was back to his old self and confirmed that he’ll be touring the UK and Europe once more with a rescheduled run of shows for 2020.

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