Find Out If Your Favourite Band Is Emo


If you’re worried that your most beloved band might be classed as Emo, you can now rest easy, there’s a new website that’ll put your mind at ease.

The site has been created by the Washed Up Emo podcast, all you have to do is enter in a band name and you’ll get a yes or no confirmation, along with a witty explanation, as to whether your band is Emo.

There are a few artists missing, The National, St. Vincent, Elliot Smith and The Who, but overall it covers most acts.

We tried out Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters is not an emo band. “No matter how much Dischord Records is featured in the documentary, it’s still a no.”

The Strokes is not an emo band. “You’re really not too smart on the uptick for these emo bands huh?”

We entered Blink 182 without the hyphen and were scolded – Blink 182 is not an emo band. “As you missed a character from their name, I’m wondering what else is missing.”

Then we added the hyphen and Blink-182 were still not emo – “Sorry, to anyone over 30 they’re pop-punk.”

We thought this one was going to be close – The Smiths is not an emo band. “Regardless of your ironic t-shirt, still not emo.”

Lets try someone a little closer to home – U2 is not an emo band. “I still have that album on my iPhone. That’s music right? Not spoken word? Or one of those amazing Shreds videos?”

Sometimes Thom Yorke gets sings very emotionally – Radiohead is not an emo band. “Maybeee “Creep,” maybeeeee The Bends album… No, you idiot. This is not emo.”

Check out if your favourite bands are emo here. These were our final three guesses, we eventually discovered an actual emo band.

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