Foals Go Track By Track On New Album


Foals have revealed a host of new details about their upcoming album which comes out later this year. What Went Down will be released on August 28th, following on from 2013’s Holy Fire.

In a recent interview with NME, frontman Yannis Philippakis described the sound of the new album as “lean” and “punchy”. Yannis went onto say that “This is the record that most closely mimics the sound in our heads.”

Yannis elaborated on this by saying “We wanted it to be lean. Both in the individual songs – less reverb, more punchy – but also as an album, so there wasn’t any negative space. We wanted to put the absolute best on there.”

Then he went into more detail about some of the other tracks on the new album. Talking about the album’s title track he said “We wanted it to feel like the moment when a predatory animal goes in for the kill: there’s a savagery to it”.

For another track the as-of-yet-unheard ‘Birch Tree’, Yannis said he wrote it “hungover in Utrecht, onstage doing a soundcheck” For ‘Lonely Hunter’ Yannis said it “was written in this studio in Hackney, and originally the music was sort of hip-hop, kind of grime-y.”

Photo Credit: Nicole Kilbert