Foo Fighters Fully Vaccinated Gig Attracts “Dozens” Of Protesters


Anti-vaxxers gathered outside last night’s Foo Fighter concert at the Canyon Club, California, to protest against the band’s “support of discrimination”. News broke at the end of last week that the Seattle rockers were gearing up to perform at a fully vaccinated concert. However, many people were split on the announcement of a fully vaccinated gig.

Social media was set ablaze with several photos of anti-vaxxers congregating outside the gig, holding signs such as “Foo Fighters fight to bring segregation back” and, “event for vaccinated only, unvaccinated not allowed”. One Instagram user shared a picture of former child actor, and known anti-vaxxer, Ricky Schroder at the event.

The gig, Foo Fighters’ first since the start of the pandemic, was set up to encourage young people to go get vaccinated. However, fans were split on the decision, as a small crowd gathered outside to protest against the “discriminative” gig. Only those who could prove they have been fully vaccinated could purchase tickets for show, leaving many disgruntled people to congregate outside in protest.

Just after it became known the gig was happening, Rick Schroder posted about the concert’s vaccine requirement on Facebook. “Dave Grohl is an ignorant punk who needs slapped for supporting Discrimination. Ignorance comes in all shapes & sizes. Kurt Cobain is laughing at you Dave along with Millions of Patriots….Fool.”

Many people took to social media to denounce the gang the protesters, with one user writing, “some real low-quality humans at the foo fighters show in Agoura Hills CA tonight,”. Another user expressed, “this is what happens when you just want to attend a @foofighters concert at a small local concert hall and the next thing out know you’re a ‘Vaccine Segregationist.’

The gig itself is said to have been an intimate one, with just over 600 people in attendance, gearing fans up for Foo Fighters’ full capacity show on June 20 at Madison Square Garden. This show will also have the same guidelines of requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to purchase a ticket and attend the show.

Announcing the news in a statement, Dave Grohl said the band has “been waiting for this day for over a year. And Madison Square Garden is going to feel that hard. New York, get ready for a long ass night of screaming our heads off together to 26 years of Foos.”

The Canyon Club show kicked off around 9:30 p.m. with Grohl promising the sold-out crowd, “Tonight we’re gonna play until the cops get called or, I f****** collapse.