Foo Fighters Release Another New EP With Special Covers!


The new EP released by the Foo Fighters, will be included on their ongoing Foo Files archival series.

The band’s 01020225 EP has renditions of some Foo Fighters deep cuts, plus two equally-unique covers: the B-52’s “Planet Claire” and the Psychedelic Furs’ “Sister Europe.”

These two tracks stand out amongst the rest of the Foo Fighters’ catalogue and although they sound different from the original masters, Dave Grohl and the band have managed to make both songs sound great and amazingly similar to the band’s ’00s material.

According to Spin, the track “Planet Claire” an instrumental jam is a mixture of intrigue with layered waves of distortion on top of a very tight drumming track. Also included on the EP, is a new offering of songs recorded for movie soundtracks at the turn of the decade.

As was reported in COS previously, a track called “The One” was originally on the soundtrack for the 2002 film Orange County starring Colin Hanks and Jack Black, while “Win or Lose” was featured in the 2001 snowboarding movie Out Cold.

Both of these songs were released later as B-sides to the band’s One By One single “All My Life.” The latest album from the Foo Fighters’ called Concrete and Gold was released in 2017.

There are rumours that the Foo’s have been working on the follow up to the album, while continuing with live performances in-between.

A tradition associated with the band, where they invite smaller fans on stage to perform with them has continued. At a recent concert, they were joined by 5-year-old Taylor, who performed with them on August 19, 2019.