Green Day Sell Donald Trump Mug Shot Nimrod T-Shirts To Raise Money For Maui Victims


Green Day have sold t shirts with the mug shot of Donald Trump emblazoned on the front for charity.

The t shirts are raising money for those affected by the wildfires of in Hawaii, with over one hundred people having lost their lives in the fires, which have destroyed several communities.

The band recreated their 1997 album cover for ‘Nimrod’, which sees them swap the pictures of Charlie Best, and Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin, with the former US President’s face, with the title ‘Nimrod’ in a yellow circle on the shirt.

Sharing a picture of their new design on social media, Green Day also added, “Good Riddance. The ultimate Nimrod shirt is available for 72 hours only. Limited edition shirt proceeds will be donated to @greatergoodmusiccharity, which brings food to those affected by the Maui wildfires”. 

Check it out below.

Green Day are one of many artists who are attempting to raise funds for those affected by the wildfires, including drummer Mick Fleetwood, who announced plans to host a benefit concert in their honour.

“witch hunt”

Meanwhile, the much maligned former US President Donald Trump continues to plead his innocence, having been charged with attempting to overturn the election result, alongside 19 co-defendants last week.

Trump has also released his own mug shot merchandise, which has reportedly raised over $7million, as he attempts to return to the White House next year.

His campaign team have used the shot to sell merchandise, while he has also shared it via his X profile.

Trump also continues to deny the allegations made against him, claiming that he is a victim of a “political witch hunt”. 

He wrote on his Truth platform, “So, the Witch Hunt continues! 19 people Indicated tonight, including the former President of the United States, me, by an out of control and very corrupt District Attorney who campaigned and raised money on, ‘I will get Trump”.