Home Alone Star Daniel Stern Brands Bono A ‘Pretentious A******’


In his recent memoir, Home Alone star Daniel Stern has blasted U2 frontman Bono as a “pretentious a******”. 

Stern who is perhaps best known for his role as naïve burglar Marv alongside Joe Pesci in the 1990s comedies which starred Macauley Culkin, waged war against the musician in his cleverly named memoir: Home and Alone.

In the book, Stern writes about suffering with dyslexia, dropping out of high school at 17 years old, and sleeping on a mattress which was salvaged from a brothel when he moved to New York to become an actor.

While he writes about rows with co-stars Mickey Rourke and Patrick Dempsey, there is one particular celebrity feud which has pricked the ears of those of us from the Emerald Isle.

“pretentious a**holes”

In his memoir, Daniel Stern has revealed that he also had a bust up with Bono, after becoming furious with the singer over a late night party that he had at his neighbouring house in Malibu, California.

Stern writes about his anger at Bono and his friends, who he referred to as “pretentious a**holes”. 

Claiming that it was as noisy as a nightclub, Stern wrote: “By one in the morning, I was out of my mind”. 

Stern also added, “It turned out he had rented the house to Bono (yes, that Bono), who was having a birthday party for his daughter”. 

He continued, “I called the police and told them that there was an unlawful party going on and that I was going over there to shut it down and I hoped they would join me”. 

The actor also scribed: “I hopped in my truck . . . and headed in… I lost it. I started ranting, ‘Shut the f***ing music off’. Families with children are trying to sleep and instead we all have to listen to this s**tty music all night long?”. 

Stern also had to be stopped by security at this party, adding that he can look “pretty insane and scary when I lose my s***”. 

Earlier this month, Bono had said that Coldplay are “not a rock band”. Find out why here.