“I’ll Tell You Some Stories” Foo Fighters Launch Radio Series


Foo Fighters have now teamed up with Apple Music to produce their own “Medicine At Midnight” radio series. This is to celebrate the tenth album released by the band last Friday.

This series consisting of 6 episodes aired on Monday, with its opening installment featuring bassist, Nate Mendel. A synopsis for the show reads, “Dave Grohl and the Foos are eager to reconnect with fans from all around the world and share songs filled with, in his words, ‘universal emotions that most people feel,’”. 

It also states, “Each band member will take turns hosting hour-long episodes where they’ll go into their personal inspirations and the creative process leading to the album”. 

Their frontman, Dave Grohl had this to say, “We’re going to listen to some music. I’ll tell you some stories, play you some new songs, play you some songs that inspired me when I was young… kind of take you from the beginning all the way up to today”. 

Fans will be able to tune each day this week at 7pm, via Apple Music Hits and on the band’s new, limited-run Sirius XM station Foofighters Radio (channel 105).

“We got together and jammed a little bit”

As mentioned, the first episode featured bassist, Nate Mendel. Mendel reflected on his musical roots, including the hardcore scene in Washington DC. Mendel also spoke about forming his first band, Sunny Day Real Estate as well as the cassette that led him to joining Foo Fighters.

On the show, Mendel “got up the nerve to call” Dave Grohl when he learned that his songs could lead to an actual band.

Mendel said, “We got together and jammed a little bit”. Adding “it was funny. It was at his house. It was just me and him first. He was playing through a tiny amp and I was playing karaoke machine”. 

Mendel continued, “Then we got together with our first drummer at his parent’s house in the basement and we jammed upstairs in the kictchen. He just said, ‘Hey you guys want to be in a band? I’m like, ‘yes absolutely, let’s do this. Mendel added, “so here we are”. 

The running order of the radio show:

  1. Monday, 2/8 @ 4:00p PST – Episode 1: Nate Mendel
  2. Tuesday, 2/9 @ 4:00p PST – Episode 2: Chris Shiflett
  3. Wednesday, 2/10 @ 4:00p PST – Episode 3: Rami Jaffee
  4. Thursday, 2/11 @ 4:00p PST – Episode 4: Taylor Hawkins
  5. Friday, 2/12 @ 4:00p PST – Episode 5: Dave Grohl
  6. Saturday, 2/13 @ 4:00p PST – Episode 6: Pat Smear

Yesterday, Dave Grohl recalled turning up at his daughter Violet’s: Take Your Dad To School Day. You can see that report here.

Foo Fighters covered Tom Petty last week:

Click here to listen to Foo Fighters’ cover Tom Petty.