Iron Maiden Release Ed Force One Cockpit Video


Even though you’re used to seeing Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson onstage, he is equally adept at being in the cockpit of a plane.

The band recently released a new video showing the inside of the cockpit on their jumbo jet Ed Force One. In the new video, Dickinson is seated left of his co-pilot, giving a brief announcement to all onboard stating that they do not expect to hit any turbulence on their journey.

The Iron Maiden frontman says that they will see “some lovely views of the Amazon” on their way from Fortaleza, Brazil to Sao Paulo, Brazil. You then get to see Dickinson in action as he begins to head down the runway before eventually taking off.

Iron Maiden were dealt a major blow last month when two of the craft’s engines were badly damaged. Ed Force One was being towed to a refueling station, when a steering pin fell out causing a collision with the ground which resulted in an emergency need for two brand new engines.

Luckily the band got it back in working order and are now using it again for their world tour. You can check out the video down below of Bruce Dickinson piloting Ed Force One.


Photo Credit: Dena Flow