Jagger And Richards Celebrate 60th Anniversary Of First Meeting


Rolling Stones band members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have celebrated the 60th anniversary of their first ever meeting.

The pair first met on platform two of Dartford Station on 17 October 1961, before forming the Rolling Stones later that year. The rest as they say, is rock and roll history!

The pair marked this milestone during the band’s gig at the So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood, CA.

“60 years on the same train”

The Rolling Stones also took to Twitter to mark this anniversary.

Along with an image of the pair, the Stones tweeted, “17 October 1961-2021 – 60 years on the same train”. 

This gig was part of the band’s resumed No Filter Tour.

During another show as part of that tour, Mick Jagger responded to Beatles legend Paul McCartney’s comments about the Rolling Stones.

Earlier this month, McCartney had compared the Rolling Stones to a “Blues cover band”. 

McCartney said, “(The Beatles’) net was cast a bit wider than [the Stones’]. I’m not sure I should say it, but they’re a blues cover band, that’s sort of what the Stones are”, McCartney told the New Yorker.

During his gig, Mick Jagger had this to say to the live audience.

“There’s so many celebrities here tonight”, Jagger told the audience.  “Megan Fox is here, she’s lovely. Leonardo DiCaprio. Lady Gaga. Kirk Douglas. Paul McCartney is here, he’s going to help us – he’s going to join us in a blues cover later”. 

This is also not the first time that McCartney has made these comments regarding Jagger and co. More on this report from Nova here.

Jaggers’ retort is also not the first time that he used his audience during this tour to send a powerful message. Jagger also paid tribute to the late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts during the band’s first show of the tour in St Louis on September 26. 

“This is our first-ever tour we’ve ever done without him. We’ll miss Charlie so much, on and off the stage”, frontman Jagger told the audience.