Jimmy Page To Record New Solo Album


Jimmy Page has recently announced that he will be recording a new solo album soon. It will be his first in nearly 30 years with his last effort being 1988’s Outrrider.

In the run up to recording a new album Page said that he has been practicing guitar non-stop to make sure that his playing is up to snuff. Page was recently an honoree at the Founder Awards last week, where he performed the Zeppelin classic ‘Rock & Roll’.

Speaking to Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Awards in London this week Jimmy Page said “Next year I’m just going to work on the guitar, it’s time for me to go out there and do a solo album – my last solo album was 1988. I haven’t really milked the situation; it’s time to do another one.”

Page seems very focused on his guitar playing and said “I’m known for playing many styles of guitar, and I need to re-visit all the different styles I can play,” he was still unsure however about having singers on the album.

Page said “I’m not thinking about singers, I’m thinking of an instrumental thing – I want to work with my strengths rather than my weaknesses. I want to work with myself, I want to get myself up and running and once I’m ready I’ll think about whether I need someone to sing on the music.”

Photo Credit: ierdnall